Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fine living involves seafood

Appetizers, the meal openers. Apps set the tone for the entire repast. A time tested proven method of pleasing from the start involvess steamers. Shrimp and clams, when steamed in vinegar, beer, and water, then dipped in butter will garner excellent results.

This is Tuna caught off of Ocean City Maryland. My favorite way to prepare tuna is either Ahi style, or pan seared on a white hot iron skillet and rubbed in salt and pepper. Add some wasabi, and viola, instant culinary satisfaction.

This is a large striped bass caught earlier this spring in the Chesapeake Bay. These fish taste superb when filleted and pan fried in butter and spices, especially Old Bay.

Shark, an oft overlooked seafood with a nasty reputation. Mako steaks, much like swordfish, contain the texture and taste made for fine dining. Grilled and flavored with soy sauce, then topped with a mango relish or salsa, mako will please even the most conservative of eaters. Note, the shark pictured is a bull, I don't recommend them to anyone.